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Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping is a high-tech multimedia technique that creates a 3D visual effect by projecting images onto an object’s surface. It typically uses specialized projectors and computer software to precisely map the images onto the surface of the object. This technology can be used in a variety of settings such as buildings, squares, sculptures, etc. and can create various dynamic effects on the object’s surface. Projection Mapping not only enhances the audience’s sense of participation but also creates stunning visual effects, becoming an essential element in fields such as advertising, entertainment, and art.

interactive game

Interactive game is a type of game that creates an interactive gaming experience by combining the player’s actions with the computer’s response. This type of game usually uses various input devices such as keyboard, mouse, controller, etc. and can change the game’s progress and outcome based on the player’s actions. These games have a wide range of applications and are available on various platforms such as consoles, computers, and mobile devices. Interactive games offer more participation and interaction, allowing players to become more involved in the game and creating more memories.

Indoor Immersive

Indoor immersive technology allows users to experience interactive and engaging environments in indoor settings. This technology utilizes a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and sensory elements to create an immersive experience. With indoor immersive technology, users can explore a virtual world, interact with digital objects, and even feel physical sensations. This technology has many applications, including entertainment, education, and training. It can provide a unique and exciting experience for users, allowing them to engage with content in a more meaningful way.

Immersive Cave

Immersive Cave is a technology that uses projection and sound to create a fully immersive environment. It projects high-resolution imagery and videos on the walls and ceiling of a cylindrical or dome-shaped space, typically found in entertainment, education, and scientific research. This technology is used for virtual reality simulations, scientific research, and architectural design. Immersive Cave technology provides a unique and immersive experience that can transport the audience to different places and times, and has a wide range of applications.