Professional Projection Technology


Projection mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a technique that uses specialized software and hardware to project video onto surfaces, such as buildings, objects, and landscapes, creating the illusion of 3D animation.

Projection Mapping for Biudding

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Building Mapping


The projection are always based character of the event

Any number of projectors

There’s virtually no limit to how many projectors we can blend into one single display.

Any screen geometry

Our software works on flat, curved, domes .

Digital art

Using digital tools to create dazzling art: photographs, drawings, paintings, and 3D


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In the concept design phase, our creative minds come up with an original concept that aligns with your unique requirements. If you have a specific idea in mind, we’ll start from there. If not, we’ll develop a creative, coherent concept from scratch, using reference images to produce moodboards and conducting brainstorming sessions to select the best ideas. Our designers will then turn these ideas into a unique concept, which we’ll present using virtual lighting simulations and visualizations.

The Schematic Design Phase

The next step is to convert the concept into a technically feasible solution. In this phase, we’ll determine the best lighting installations and video hardware needed to bring the concept to life. We’ll perform lighting calculations, projector studies, and choose the best control systems. All of this information will be compiled in a comprehensive diagram, and a list of required equipment and an approximate budget will be calculated. You’ll then be presented with a schematic presentation of the lighting and video scenarios, so you can see the lighting effects and atmosphere generated.

The Technical Design Phase

Once we’ve received feedback on the schematic design, we’ll move on to the technical design phase. During this phase, we’ll create a detailed plan with drawings and block diagrams, and work out the control systems in detail. We’ll finalize the list of equipment, including all specifications and product codes, and calculate the final budget.

The Implementation Phase

Finally, it’s time to bring our creative ideas to life. Our team will ensure seamless integration and perfectly program all systems and elements, including lighting, video, audio, and show control. One supervisor will monitor everything and act as the point of contact. After the project is complete, we’ll provide an as-built plan and hand over the project. If you wish, we can also provide maintenance services and training for operational personnel.


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